Thank you from the LINGUIST List

Dear linguists,

The last 72 hours have brought some dramatic changes to our challenges! Sociolinguistics comes first before syntax—but phonology has taken third place for the first time during this year’s fund drive. At the last moment, Indiana University Bloomington took over the lead from the University of South Carolina, and Wayne State and Stanford share the third place! A big round of applause!

Thank you all for your resounding support for our 2021 Linguist List Fund Drive. Nearly 400 linguists from 152 universities in 40 countries on 6 continents donated this year. Thanks to your personal commitment, we have collected over $27,000—this alone will help us fund one student editor in 2022. This is an uplifting message for all of us, and for so many reasons! It will be easier for the whole team to stay abreast of the everchanging media and information landscape. At a more personal level – one more student of linguistics will have secure support and will be able to continue working and learning at the LINGUIST List without going into debt. For the whole community, the positive message is that LINGUIST List will continue its operations. More importantly, your support proves that we are a strong community of committed individuals. We hope that you will continue to support us. There is no LINGUIST List without our readers.

Thank you!

Malgosia, Helen, Steven, Lauren, Billy, Joshua, Jeremy, Sarah, Everett, Nils

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