Thank you from the LINGUIST List

Dear all,

We are wrapping up for this year! We have collected approximately $24,000 in donations from 43 countries! The winner in the University Challenge this year is Indiana University, with Wayne State University in second place, and the University of South Carolina in the third place. Special thanks go to the colleagues at the University of South Carolina, the institution with the highest number of individual supporters. In the Subfield Challenge, the winner is: Syntax!

Thank you all from the heart for your generous support. I hope this is as encouraging for you as it is for us here to be a part of this huge community and to participate in something of non-local importance.

If you did not have a chance to donate you can still do this; crowd funding remains open for your donations:

I want to wish you all a happy holiday season. Thank you!

Malgosia Cavar,
on behalf of The LINGUIST List team

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