The Fund Drive Has Begun

Dear Linguists,

It has been an unusual time. Our daily routines came to a sudden halt in Bloomington, where LINGUIST is located, back in March. For us here and for you anywhere where linguists are – we have all faced an enormous amount of challenge in the last couple of months.

For the LINGUIST List, the technical transition was relatively painless. We have always been inhabitants of the internet and the major change for us is that our team’s weekly meeting is now on zoom. We have been posting fewer jobs. The conference editor has been juggling hundreds of conference cancellations and updates. A lot of teaching at universities has changed radically in the past semester and we gave you a tool to inform or find out about those changes (check our new Programs site). We have carried on with the usual LINGUIST List activities, as every day for the last 30 years… Yes, we wanted to celebrate our 30th birthday this year but few people are probably in a celebratory mood at the moment. But here we are, for better or for worse with you for 30 years now.

At the moment the situation is still far from normal. It is also not normal for the LINGUIST List, especially regarding our financial standing. Our income from job announcements went down in the Spring months and the institutional support from our host university is more fragile than ever before, as for any project associated with education currently. Yet, we are the lucky ones – we have an income and internet at home.

If you can support the LINGUIST List this year – please do! This is the time to show solidarity and step in when others cannot. $5 is also OK; if 50% of our readership would contribute $5 each we would be really well off. We will be needed to get everybody’s professional life back to normal. We hope that we can help you make it through this difficult time, please help us make it through, too. I hope not to wake up next year to the new reality without the LINGUIST List.

Stay well,

Malgosia Cavar

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