The Linguist List’s 2020 Fund Drive

Dear LINGUIST List Readers and Subscribers,

Welcome to our 2020 fund drive. 

For any new subscribers, during this event we will be posting content to our blog and taking donations in order to keep the lights on here at the LINGUIST List. This year marks our 30th birthday. That’s 30 years of helping linguists around the world to stay informed and to connect with one another. This year we intend to keep doing just that but we will need your support more than ever since digital services have become increasingly important for helping all of us to stay in contact during this unprecedented time. We have used donations from previous years to improve the website by adding new features and fixing bugs. With your help we will continue to make the website even better for all of you. If you have used the LINGUIST List in the past, please consider donating so that we can keep on providing you with great services to the best of our abilities. Any amount helps!

You can donate to us by visiting our donation website here:

Our sincere thanks,
— the LL Team

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