Update: Language Guessing Contest Extended!

Dear LINGUIST List Readers,

Last week we announced our Language Guessing Contest, in which anyone can guess the languages used in our Fund Drive song in order to win a free year’s subscription to a journal from Elsevier. We’d like to announce that we’re extending the deadline to submit your entry to win until 11:59 on Sunday, March 2nd, and that we’ll be giving free subscriptions to four of the users who have the most correct guesses. In addition, here are a few more hints:

1. There are six languages other than English used in the Fund Drive Song.

2. Four of the languages are included in The Great Language Game (http://greatlanguagegame.com/), so you can get some help by playing that game.*

3. However, two of these languages are NOT in the Great Language Game, but one of them is list on the Endangered Languages Project website (http://www.endangeredlanguages.com/) and both of them are on Multitree (http://multitree.org/), two great projects that LINGUIST List contributes to.

Listen to the Fund Drive Song, make your guesses, and submit them to [email protected] by March 2nd at 11:59 pm!


And remember, even though you don’t have to donate to win this contest, we’ll be working hard during and after Fund Drive to serve you, and we appreciate your support!

-The LINGUIST List Crew


*LINGUIST List is not affiliated with the Great Language Game in any way. We just want to give a shout out to them for making one of the coolest things on the internet for language nerds like ourselves. Also, the current high score in the office is 1200, just for the record.