We’re Almost Halfway There!

Hello everyone–following yesterday’s Day Without Linguist List event, we have reached 48% of our Fund Drive Goal. We’re so grateful to those who are there to support us. Returning to the light of day, we’re pleased to update the challenges standings–check out where your subfield or university is now!

Syntax has more than $1000 lead, with a total of $3285. We’re grateful to the syntacticians of the world!
Sociolinguistics now comes in second, with a total of $2230, overcoming Comp Ling at last!
Computational Linguistics is now in third with $2075 in donations–can they regain their top spot?

University of Washington is in first with $1665 from 27 donors.
Stanford University is in second with $1370 from 20 donors.
Indiana University (our host institution!) is in third with $1360 from 13 donors–and only $10 behind Stanford!
In the Universities Challenge, it’s also those below the top three who deserve recognition right now, as the bulk of the donations come from the dozens of institutions where only one or two donors have contributed only $10 or $20 each. There’s so many more universities and institutions on the contributor list today than there was when we started, and so many of them have a total donation amount that’s not high enough to put them in the top three, but it’s them who made the huge impact over the Day Without LL. Congratulations to you all, and thank you!

North America is still in first with 205 donors.
Europe is at almost half of that with 102 donors.
Asia is in third with 19 donors.

the USA comes in first with 186 donors.
Germany comes in second with 27 donors.
Canada comes in third with 19 donors–can they hold on to the spot?
And a new country is approaching the top 3 now–the UK has just surpassed Austria, with a total of 16 donors!
Additionally the following countries are represented by 1 donor: Trinidad and Tobago, Finland, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iceland, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Chile, Macau, and New Zealand–our global supporters deserve more recognition, and we are so pleased to be part of the global linguistics community.

Check out the full challenges standings here!

Thanks again to all of our wonderful supporters–keeping up the LINGUIST List is very costly, and without your help, we wouldn’t be able to do it.
–The LL Team

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