The new Quick Reference Guide to LL-MAP

In preparation for the 2012 Language Mapping Workshop, the LL-MAP team realized that we needed an answer to the question–“How do I use the most basic features of the LL-MAP Map Viewer?” As a quick (and visual) answer to this question, the team has created the Quick Reference Guide to LL-MAP!

First unveiled at our workshop, now you can enjoy it too! This incredibly useful guide features numbered boxes designating the most important parts of the LL-MAP interface and a key to the features listed in these boxes. By following the order listed on the map and using the map key on the next page, users can now easily and quickly navigate the LL-MAP interface and grasp the most essential features of LL-MAP.

While we worked tirelessly in preparation for this workshop to enumerate all aspects of LL-MAP in our help pages, we have now highlighted the most essential features of LL-MAP in our Quick Reference Guide so that you can start using LL-MAP now. Haven’t used LL-MAP before? Start using the Quick Reference Guide and you’ll be up to speed in no time. And if you’ve already been viewing the maps in this wonderful project,  you may want to use the Quick Reference Guide to make sure you aren’t missing out on any of the great features that LL-MAP offers for your research or teaching needs.

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