Congratulations to the 2012 Golden Pig and School Spirit Award Winners!

Remember the LingQuest Graduate Tournament, wherein schools around the world contended for the honor of Top Donor of Fund Drive 2012?  You may recall that the University of Washington took top honors, with an astonishing $4205 in donations; the University of South Carolina wowed us with their enthusiasm and their 34 individual donors.

We’re pleased to give you a sneak peek of their prizes– to the University of Washington goes the prestigious Golden Pig Award, and the University of South Carolina will receive the coveted School Spirit Award!  Behold, in all their glory, the first annual LINGUIST List award plaques:


Congratulations, UW and USC!  We salute you and thank you for your support (especially grateful are our interns, who you’ve helped fund!).  Perhaps these can be the first in a long line of trophies to line your walls…

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