LINGUIST List Summer Internships Begin!

The LINGUIST List has offered summer internships to linguistics students since 2007, when our now-Associate Project Manager Matt Lahrman was the first-ever LINGUIST intern (how far and how quickly he rose!).  Ever since, LINGUIST List has chosen a few  promising students from around the world to join us for a summer, learn about linguistic technologies, and gain firsthand experience working on LL projects.  Internships are one of the programs we fund with the money raised during Fund Drive — so thank you, LINGUIST List donors, for helping us bring these interns on board!

We’re delighted to tell you that this year we’ll be hosting an unprecedented nine summer interns due to additional funding from the National Science Foundation.  Our first intern joined us on Monday, and the 2012 internship cohort will continue arriving until June; stay tuned for an upcoming post introducing this year’s LINGUIST interns!

What have past LINGUIST List interns said about their experiences?  Here’s a sampler:

“I really like the people here. We’re all interesting, smart people and we genuinely like to be here together. Also, we get to work on great projects.” -Danielle St. Jean, 2009 summer intern and subsequent LINGUIST editor

“The intern program at LINGUIST allows you to explore and develop your interests, and find ones you never knew you had.” -Danniella Hornby, 2010 summer intern and current LL Publications Editor

“I greatly valued the camaraderie between workers in the office and having the chance to bounce ideas off of each other in each of the projects. I also enjoyed the problem solving aspect of my work, specifically the foresight and creativity necessary to digitize complex maps.” -Christine Evans, 2011 summer intern and current Fulbright scholar

If you missed your chance to intern this summer, never fear: you’ll get a chance next year. The call for 2013 interns will go out this fall; see the 2012 call for interns here.

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