LL-MAP around the world

The LL-MAP project has  been a hub of activity this summer. Our team of graduate students conducted internal training workshops in May and June to train incoming interns on mapmaking using Global Mapper and the LL-MAP uploader, and our team has been pumping out fascinating language maps all summer.

Several important sources were scanned , georegistered, vectorized, and styled into new digital map resources. Examples include the entire Linguistic Survey of India from 1903, a host of maps in the Pacific such as this example  in Indonesia, and Powell’s report from 1890 of the American Indian languages.

In June, LL-MAP was also featured at two workshops. I had the honor of presenting the LL-MAP Scholar’s Workbench at the Language Documentation 3 conference at the University of Bolzano in Bolzano (Bozen), Italy. The topic of this year’s conference was Language Mapping, and I showed attendees how to use LL-MAP for language research and how to begin making their own maps in the Scholar’s Workbench. LL-MAP was also the central topic in a workshop on language mapping taught by Anthony Aristar, Helen Aristar-Dry, and Joshua Thompson at the CoLang 2012 Institute hosted by the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas.

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