Updates to the Student Portal

This past year we have been working hard to update our resources catered specifically to students in the section of the site called the Student Portal. Our team has gathered information from around the web into one part of our site for you to love and enjoy. We were able to find resources which guide you through the basics of linguistics and how to find jobs and internships. Are you unsure with how to start writing your papers? Check out the writing resources and find out how to get your paper going and also how to present your work to the linguistics community.

If you are looking for some books to read in your ample spare time, we have also taken a list of books that our staff members enjoyed and put them all in the reading library. If you find anything you like, you can order the books through our Amazon stores.  The site looks the same as the regular Amazon you know and love, but by clicking the links below for your country or region, you will be helping to support a portion of our operations. What’s even better is that the price for the book will not increase! There’s a tag in the link that will ensure that every purchase you make will give LINGUIST a donation. If you have any questions about our Amazon stores, please visit the FAQs.

Are you more of a movie buff than a bookworm? We also have a YouTube station just for you! You can view some of the talks that were held at our offices such as one by Małgorzata Ćavar entitled “On the Influence of L1 on L2 Perception: The case of tenseness contrast in American vowels”. We also have an extended list of tutorials on our Multimedia page. If you have suggestions for information and resources to add to our Student Portal, please email us at [email protected]

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