Flash Briefing

New LINGUIST List services and settings!

We have activated automatic feeds of published issues, news, blogs, and other information to two more social media channels.  For a while now all LINGUIST List issues were emailed to the list subscribers and posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  The local events announcements made on GeoLing are displayed on the Geo-App online and also forwarded to these social media channels.  We have now reactivated the LINGUIST List blog on Tumblr.  And, from now on we also forward all issues and messages directly to LinkedIn as well.  This means, all conference announcements, job ads, book reviews, etc., will also be available on LinkedIn, Tumblr, and all the other social media sites.

The LINGUIST List page on Facebook has been verified and we added an opportunity to use a “donate” button and support the LINGUIST List operations.  The Twitter page is in the process of being verified or certified.

As you all know, The LINGUIST List provides an Amazon Echo / Alexa Flash Briefing service.  You can subscribe to the most recent announcements on LINGUIST List using your Alexa App, or you can select any combination of the specific posting areas.  If you want Alexa to inform you about new job ads or just book announcements, this is possible.

Another new setting affects all websites.  The new default setting at LINGUIST List is that all websites are using encryption in the default, that is, all URLs are redirected to “https”.  You should see a secure browsing symbol close to the URL in your browser window.

We are happy to provide you with good and secure service!

All the best from the entire