A Word from Lwin Moe, LL Programmer and All-Around Cool Dude

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

I am Lwin Moe, a programmer here at LINGUIST List. I am originally from Burma, also known as Myanmar. I came to work at LINGUIST List as an intern two summers ago, and came back as a programmer after graduating from Indiana University. Before I tell you more about myself and how much I have learned about linguistics and technology through LINGUIST List, here is a link to donate if you will:

I learned about LINGUIST List while working at the Center for Research in Computational Linguistics in Bangkok (www.sealang.net). I had to work with linguistic resources, particularly for Southeast Asia, and came across OLAC (Open Language Archives Community), of which LINGUIST List is a partner. I learned best practices for the digital archiving of language resources through OLAC and LINGUIST List.

While working in Bangkok, I also came to know great linguists from Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Australia, UK and USA because Bangkok seemed to be the hub of the region for linguists interested in Southeast Asian languages.

These linguists and LINGUIST List inspired me so much that I decided to come to Indiana University (IU) to study linguistics. While studying at IU’s Linguistics Department, I saw an announcement for an internship at LINGUIST List. I decided to apply and was accepted to work as an intern in the summer of 2010. I was involved in MultiTree project (www.multitree.org) and several others.

I enjoyed working here and decided to come back after graduating from Indiana University in December, 2010. I was able to become a part of the LINGUIST List crew because of your support. I would like to take this opportunity to request a small donation from you to support what we do here. We would not be able to provide the linguistics community with these valuable resources if it were not for your generous support. Here is the link to donate:


Thank you,
Lwin Moe

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