Fund Drive Challenges Update

Welcome to another week of the LINGUIST List Fund Drive Challenge!

In the Subfield Challenge:
Computation linguistics remains in the lead with $1390!
In second place, Syntax follows closely with $1050.
Semantics comes in third with $865.
The Subfield Challenge is neck-and-neck all down the ranking, by the way–Historical Linguistics can displace Applied Linguistics with only $52, and Phonetics is only $15 behind Psycholinguistics! Check out the complete list below.
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In the University Challenge:
Stanford University leads–for the time being–with $1350 from a total of 16 donors!
Washington University proudly encroaches with $1085 from 9 donors.
Arizona State University with $500 from only 1 donor!
This challenge is also close, with fourth and fifth place hotly contested–Temple University remains in fourth with $300, and fifth goes to University of California, Santa Barbara–but University of Oslo and The Ohio State University are tied and only $25 behind UC Santa Barbara! Take a look at the full ranking to see where your university stands.
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Region Challenge:
North American maintains a strong lead with 69 donors–but don’t get too comfortable with that lead!
Europe comes in second with 35 donors.
Asia is in third with 7 donors.
We’re so grateful for our donors from all over the world!
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Country Challenge:
The US remains in the lead–for now!–with 66 American donors.
Germany is in second with 11 donors.
Austria comes up third with 5 donors.
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As always, we are grateful to our supporters and followers for everything they have done to support us. Thanks for being there with us for the last 28 years!
–The LL Team

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