Fund Drive Challenges: Where does your University Stand?

Dear Linguists and Subscribers:

It’s time for the regular challenges update!

In the Subfield Challange:
Syntax has cut itself a pretty wide lead with a total of $2485!
Computational Linguistics comes in second for now, with $2095.
Sociolinguistics brings up the third with $1660.
(And on a side note–Historical Linguistics is finally catching up with Semantics for 4th place. Hello my fellow historical linguists!)

In the University Challenge:
University of Washington has again surpassed Stanford University! With a total of $1665 from 27 donors, Washington is aiming to beat Stanford.
Stanford University is in second place with $1370 from 20 donors.
And in third place, our own host institution, Indiana University! $1340 from 11 donors places IU in the running!

In the Region Challenge:
North American leads with 159 donors!
Europe remains in second with 63 donors, but seems to be steadily catching up.
Asia is in third with 12 donors.

In the Country Challenge:
The US remains in the front–for now!–with 147 donors.
Germany remains in second with 21 donors.
And Canada has outstripped Austria at last with a total of 12 donors! Go Canada!

LINGUIST List has just passed 37% of our Fund Drive goal, thanks to all of you. We still have a ways to go, but we have made really good progress this last week. We appreciate you!
–The LL Team

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