Fund Drive Fun Fact: Easy Abs

Hey everyone,

Kenneth here again with a Fun Fact for all of you. This week, we’re directing a lot of our content towards EasyAbs. EasyAbs is a free service we provide for conference organizers that helps make the process of receiving and reviewing abstracts, well…Easy!

We have a large number of testimonials coming out later in the week that we collected last year from happy conference organizers. I’m here to provide some numbers (and graphs) for you all.

Since 2008, we have had 1,259 conferences use this service. That’s not counting the meetings that were deleted by the organizers. Over 75,356 abstracts were submitted to these conferences!

We had 136 conferences with deadlines last year and 7,686 abstracts were submitted last year as well.

Something that I thought might be interesting to look at is the number of abstract submissions per conference. I’ve created the graph below to display this. The top graph indicates the number of abstract submissions we received during a year while the bottom graph indicates the number of meetings held during this same year. The middle graph displays the ratio of abstracts to meetings for a given year.

While last year saw less meetings than typical, this looks like it’s normal fluctuations from year to year. However, the number of abstract submissions appears to be dropping. At first glance, it looks like now is the time to submit an abstract! However, these stats are distorted somewhat by the distribution of abstracts among conferences.

Here’s a histogram showing the distribution of how many abstracts each conference received. As you can see, this looks somewhat Zipfian with very high outliers.

This is probably a case where it would be better to look at median instead of mean since the Zipfian distribution has very high outliers. These high outliers could severely affect the abstract submission count (e.g. if just one 1000 submission outlier was missing from a year, the ratio of abstracts to conferences would lower a lot). However, significance tests are a little too serious for Fun Facts don’t you think?

EasyAbs is important to a lot of people as the 1,259 conferences that used this service indicate. If you appreciate EasyAbs or any of the other services the LINGUIST List provides, please consider a contribution to our annual fund drive campaign. It’s going on now!

You can donate by visiting . Thank you!

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