Fund Drive goal update: 20%!

Dear Readers,

We’re writing to thank you for your generosity so far in our Fund Drive: we have passed 20% of our goal! We have received donations from over 150 users, 77 universities, 30 countries, and linguists in a wide variety of subfields (currently led by Computational Linguistics, Sociolinguistics and Syntax)!

We are passionate about our role in the world-wide linguistics community, a role that we have played for 28 years. We now have 30 000+ users who range from fledgling linguistics students to distinguished, life-long contributors to the field, and we are proud to provide services that meet various needs for users all along that spectrum. Whether it’s a new job, a promising conference call, or a particularly interesting new book, we want to be the place you find it.

But to achieve that end, we need your help. Although we never charge our readers for the information we provide, our operation isn’t free. We rely on the generosity of our users to fund Graduate Assistants, programmers, summer interns, IT infrastructure, and so on. Without your donations, the LINGUIST List would simply not be possible.

If just 1 in 10 users would donate $10, we would reach our goal and end the Fund Drive TODAY. We could get back to doing what we do best: serving linguists around the globe. So please, if you haven’t yet––please visit our Fund Drive homepage to learn more about us, and why we need your donation.

Gratefully yours,
The LINGUIST List Team

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