It’s a very close match in the Universities Challenge!

Hello Linguist and supporters. It’s time for another update on the Fund Drive Challenges, and we’re excited to give you the new standings!


It has been a tough match in the Universities challenge! Yesterday, Indiana University was on top, having shot right past Stanford and University of Washington!
However, it wasn’t long until University of Washington reclaimed first place, with $2125 from 31 donors.
Indiana University hasn’t given up–$2060 from 21 donors and less than a hundred dollars behind!
Stanford University now comes in third, with $1370 from 20 donors.


Syntax has broaded its lead, now standing in first with $4140 in donations. Way to go Syntacticians!
Computation Linguistics, which is close to our hearts here at LL, comes in second–for now!–with $2430 in donations.
Sociolinguistics brings up the third with $1760. (But look out, because Semantics isn’t far behind…)


North America currently stands in first with 238 donors.
Europe comes up behind with 109 donors.
Asia comes in third with 21 donors.
The US is coming in first still, thanks in small part to the competition between Indiana and Washington, with 217 donors.
Germany remains in second with a total of 30 donors (Danke, Deutschland!)
And Canada comes in third with 21 donors.
Finally, the following countries are represented by 1 donor: Trinidad and Tobago, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iceland, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Chile, Macau, New Zealand, and now, also Poland! You all deserve recognition. We appreciate those around the globe who support the work we do here at the LINGUIST List!


Thanks for participating, everyone! As of today we have surpassed 55% of our goal! To see the full standings on challenges, and to donate to the cause of global linguistics, visit:

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