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Dear Linguists,

The world seems to be  changing at a dramatic pace, perhaps faster than ever before. It is not only about the technology, though to a large extent the changes are technology-driven. AI is invading not only research labs, but our daily life and linguists are now in the forefront of the technological revolution with respect to the way how people interact with computers and machines. Facebook and other social media platforms have changed the way information is disseminated and how we validate the significance of what we find out. The use of social media has changed the way we think and what we consider important. The internet has re-defined our access to knowledge, not without impact on higher education and academic life.  The discipline of linguistics has expanded as well.  There are virtually thousands of us, linguists, world-wide – separated by geography, frameworks, politics – but for almost 30 years, the linguistics community has been connected through LINGUIST List.

The mission of the LINGUIST List as a platform that connects linguists globally is simply unique. Last year we published over 2000 announcements about conferences on six continents, we informed you about over 100 summer schools and advertised close to 1000 books in linguistics. We cut across disciplines. We are a professional linguistic organization with a global outreach that is not topic or language-area oriented. We provide verified information, not fake news. We accompany linguists in their professional journey and –  as the discipline and the world around us are changing – we ourselves evolve. In the last couple of years we have expanded on social media and added new services. GeoLing (, for example, is meant to focus on events which are relevant locally and to target primarily local communities. We are working to improve search and customize our readers’ experience by tailoring the contents we offer to our readers’ interests.  You can subscribe to the most recent announcements on LINGUIST List using your Alexa App, and you can select any combination of the specific posting areas. Finally, we are also ready to roll out our new website, which is – we hope – visually more appealing, easier to navigate, and dynamically features  the most important and current contents for your easy access.

If you want to support this global community of linguists, please consider donating to the LINGUIST List. We want to continue serving you the best we can but for that – we need your support. Please donate now; any amount is welcome.

Faithfully yours,

The LINGUIST List Team

Malgosia, Damir, Clare, Ken, Sara, Yiwen, Mike, Peace, Page, Helen, Robert

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