The LINGUIST List Fun(d) Drive has now begun!


Dear Colleagues,

It’s Spring again, and time to support the LINGUIST List, your linguistic news channel, providing verified and reliable information, your daily portion of – relatively – light entertainment, for some – a forum for discussion, for some – a bridge to the world, for some – a foot in the door to the career as a linguist or language professional. We have readers in all countries of the world and we span across linguistic disciplines. All year round we, the editors, try to be invisible and simply provide a good service. Today I would like to call for donations to the LINGUIST List.

Linguist List has served you since December 1990. It started as a mailing list, but as the internet and the digital media have changed over the years, so did the LINGUIST List. If you only read the emails sent through the mailing list, you miss out on so much. Just a couple of days ago we broke 50 thousand followers on social media. That’s a lot of people interested in linguistics! We are a huge community. We strive to keep up with technology and we keep introducing new services. Last year we launched GeoLing (, displaying linguistically relevant points on an interactive map. And if you don’t want to bother reading, just ask Amazon Alexa! Alexa knows everything published on the LINGUIST List.

As a matter of principle, we do not charge membership fees from the users. We believe that the financial support to the LINGUIST List needs to remain totally voluntary. However, our operations cost real money. We pay for our web servers, we pay a salary to a programmer, we pay tuitions, health insurance and modest salaries to the students of linguistics who, as editors, work on your submissions on a daily basis. To serve you in the best way we can, to continue distributing linguistic news, to update the webpages and stay abreast with the latest technology – we need your donations. All those who can afford it and want to support the linguistic community world-wide, now you have a chance to do so.

Please support the LINGUIST List. Donate now!

-Malgosia Cavar and the LINGUIST List Team


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