Fun Fact: Multitree edition

Hey everyone,

Ken here with another fun fact for our 2018 Fund Drive campaign. Did you know that LINGUIST List maintains a number of different projects in addition to our listserv, website and social media announcements? We host and maintain projects like Multitree, LL-Map and Qenaga. Today, I’m going to be talking about Multitree.


Multitree is a searchable database of proposed language family trees. Multitree was created by going through hundreds of books and recording the proposed genetic relationships in those books. When you search a language or language family, like Niger-Congo, you get an interactive map where you can expand nodes to dive further down a branch of the tree. You can also view a citation for where this tree was taken from.

Multitree is a valuable resource for linguists like you and a fun, interactive way to introduce students to language family trees. It facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration with linguists to reach more accurate conclusions about human language, culture, and history.


For more information on Multitree visit and for information on how to navigate Multitree and some of the advanced functionality visit

If you appreciate services like Multitree that we continue to maintain and support, please donate to our 2018 Funddrive campaign (

Featured Staff: Meet Paige Goulding

Hello LINGUIST List Subscribers!

My name is Paige and I am the local web developer here at LINGUIST List, working on a new site for you, our users. I joined the LINGUIST List team in the summer of 2017 thanks to your generous donations and support. I have been working on a new general layout and a submission page to make browsing and submitting to our website easier, faster, and more aesthetically pleasing. I also make promotional graphics, like the ones you have been seeing this fund drive. We hope to roll out aspects of the new site in the next month or two, so you can see exactly how your donations impact what we can do here at the LINGUIST List. If you would like a sneak peak on what we are working on you can check out our previous blog post!

The LINGUIST List has been my place of employment during my master’s program in Computational Linguistics here at IU. I came to IU for the reputation of CL program and for the many amazing things happening at IU’s campus. What I didn’t know was that The LINGUIST List was located here. It was a service I used often in my undergrad as a way of browsing journals and checking out future jobs. I was ecstatic to be hired at the end of my first year at IU to work for a company that I knew had a major impact on the linguistics community.

Your support during this year’s fund drive supports the editors and programmers that help keep the LINGUIST List as a pillar of the linguistic community. Without your support, we would not be able to do all the exciting new things like renovating our website and updating our submission forms. If you would like to continue supporting the LINGUIST List in our endeavors to serve and support the linguistic community, please consider donating to our current fund drive. Thank you from me and all of us here at LINGUIST List.



The LINGUIST List: hosting linguistic discussion since 1990

Dear Readers,

Did you know that the LINGUIST List hosts 86 mailing lists for various subfields and organizations around the world? To see the long list of lists we host check out:

We host these mailing lists for free, because we believe it’s important to support open dialogue in our field–not just on the LINGUIST List, but on other lists too! Although we have always offered this service free of charge, the IT infrastructure on which we host these mailing lists is not free! In order to continue to provide such services, we need your help to meet our fundraising goal!

Visit our Fund Drive homepage today to learn more about us and support us with your donation.  We want to continue serving you the best we can but for that – we need your support!

Sincerely yours,

The LINGUIST List Team

Challenges Update–May the best University Win?

Hello again linguists and supporters! Check out our most recent challenge rankings to find out where your university or subfield stands!

In the Subfield Challenge:
Syntax is in the lead–for now!–with $4775 total in donations. Go Syntax!
In second place, Computational Linguistics follows with $3600 even.
In third Sociolinguistics comes up with $2089 total.

In the University Challenge:
University of Washington maintains a lead with $2745 from a total of 39 donors.
But look out, because Indiana University is not far behind, with $2275 from a total of 24 donors.
Finally, Stanford University retains third for now, with a total of $1370 from 20 donors.

Region Challenge:
North America currently holds the lead with 272 donors in all.
Europe comes in second with 131 donors–can they close the gap?
And finally Asia comes in third with 36 donors.

Country Challenge:
The USA holds the first place with a total of 247 donors.
Germany comes in a distant second with 36 total donors.
And Canada holds its hard-earned spot in third with a total of 25 donors, looking, perhaps, to upset Germany soon!

We’re grateful for your support and participation. Three cheers to our donors, who’ve been behind us for nearly three decades. Check out the full rankings at!
–The LL Team

Featured Staff: Meet Becca Taylor

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

Hello! My name is Becca and I am one of the student editors at LINGUIST List. I am the Managing Editor and I am also responsible for posting jobs, supports, and internships. I am a new hire here at LINGUIST List so if you’ve submitted something very recently we have met via email.

I very recently received my MA in Computational Linguistics and am currently a PhD student. I came to IU without any funding for my MA and I am very fortunate that LL has offered me a Graduate Assistantship so that I can continue my PhD here at IU. Because of your continued support LL is able to help me reach my academic goals and for that I am very grateful, so thank you so much!

Even though I found my graduate program through LL, I didn’t realize just how broad our reach is until I was hired here. Through editing jobs, supports, and internships I see firsthand how vast the community of linguists is and how far reaching LL is an organization. LL is a great resource that is accessible to a large number of people and the editors and programmers couldn’t do it without your support.

When you support the LINGUIST List, you are also supporting not just the students that work here, but you are also supporting the open access to the wide array of knowledge that is accessible through LL, anyone in the linguistics community that uses LL, and also the future of an organization that has been supporting linguists for almost three decades.

Thank you again for all of your support, everyone here at LINGUIST List is forever grateful to all of you. If would like to help us to continue providing resources to the linguistic community please visit our fund drive page and donate today.

Thank you again!

Becca Taylor
Managing Editor

Fund Drive Challenges Update: Where does your subfield stand?

Challenges Update: Where is Your Subfield?

Hello Linguists and supporters!
Here’s your regular fund drive challenges update–check out the complete list at to see where your subfield or university is ranked!

Subfield Challenge:
Syntax holds the lead for now, with a total of $4745–can anyone take the top spot from the Syntacticians?
Computational Linguistics, an early-game front-runner, is currently in second with $3600 total.
Sociolinguistics comes in third with 2510.

University Challenge:
University of Washington is still leading, with a total of $2745 from 39 donors. Will they take the top place for a second year in a row? Or will another institution surprise them?
Indiana University comes in second with $2275 from 24 donors–we’re proud of you, IU!
And Stanford University, last year’s second place winner if memory serves, comes in third with #1370 from 20 donors.

Region Challenge:
North America still holds the lead with 271 total donors.
Europe comes in second with 128 donors.
And Asia holds third with 25 total donors.

Country Challenge:
The US remains in front with 246 donors hailing from the states.
Germany comes in second with 35 donors.
And Canada, which had been locked out of the top spots by Austrua in the early weeks of the fund drive, comes in third with 25 total donors. A close contest, it seems, and Germany many find themselves soon upstaged by Canada! Only time will tell.

Once again, a big thank you from us to all participants for your support! It means the world to us!
-The LL Team

It’s time to say goodbye… and hello!

Hello Linguists and Supporters,

As you know, the LINGUIST List is operated by the hard work of graduate students at our host institution, Indiana University. But graduate students are in a transitionary phased of their lives, and every few years a handful of our hard workers earn their degrees and move on with their careers. Last year, Amanda Foster from publications moved home to France. This year, Mike, our publications and reviews editor, graduated and was hired by Google. Clare, our jobs and supports editor, has earned her MS and been hired by the US Navy. Ken, who edits conference announcements, will be teaching next year.

Lwin, our long-time IT person, has gone back home to Burma, and Paige, who has been diligently working on the new website behind the scenes, just graduated too. We’re thrilled for our students who are achieving the great things they set out to do when they started their academic careers years ago, and we’re so excited to see where they go next! But having so many crucial editors and IT staff moving on at once is an enormous stress to the workflow here at LL, and we need your support and patience more than ever.

The Old Team! So many of these lovely people are moving on. We’ll miss you!

It’s time to say goodbye to so many of our friends and colleagues, and we’ll miss them. And it’s time to welcome the new staff who are working hard to catch up, train, and take over the workflow here!

We’re pleased to introduce Peace Han and Yiwen Zhang, our new IT staff, Jeremy Coburn, who will be taking over for Mike in publications, Everett Green, who will take over for Ken in Conferences, Nils Hjortnaes, who’ll be taking over for Paige on developing the new website, and Becca Taylor, who’s the new Jobs and Supports editor! Have a little patience with us during the transition, say goodbye to your long-time correspondents here at LL, and say hello to all the newbies. Please donate to the LINGUIST List Fund Drive to help support these wonderful students in their academic endeavors, while they help support you in yours!

All the best,
–The LL Team



在这个瞬息万变的世界里,科技正在改变我们的生活。人工智能透入生活的方方面面,社交网络正在改变信息传播和发散的方式,而网络已经重新定义了接触信息的方式,在高等教育和学界亦是如此。语言学作为一个学科的范围也逐渐扩大,无论是从事语言工作的人数还是研究主题与方法的广度都大大增加。 语言学现已成为科技革新、人机交互的前线。近三十年来,LINGUIST List(语言学家列表)连接了世界各地的被国境、框架和政治分隔的语言学家,共同组成一个语言学的社群。

LINGUIST List的使命简单而特别:做一个连接全世界语言学家的平台。去年,我们发布了2000个分布于六个大洲的会议通知、超过100个暑期学校的信息和近1000本著作的广告。我们是一个有全球视野语言学组织,并不局限于某个话题或某种语言。我们提供经过验证的信息,而非“虚假新闻”。我们是语言学家研究之路上的好伙伴。随着学科和世界的变化,我们也在自我升级。在过去的几年中,我们的社交平台吸引到了更多的关注,我们也增加了多种新的服务来为语言学家提供新的交流的方式。例如 GeoLing  就是一个旨在为语言学家提供当地的活动信息的平台。我们正努力提升搜索和个性化内容方面的用户体验。您目前可以通过Alexa应用来订阅我们的最新通知,并可以选择特定主题的内容。最后,我们很快将发布全新的网站,它在视觉上更美观,也更便于读者浏览和获得重要的信息。

如果您想要支持这个语言学家的全球性社群,我们希望您能考虑为LINGUIST List捐款 。我们热切盼望能继续为您服务,但是我们非常需要您的支持和帮助。无论数额多少,我们都会心存感激。谢谢!

Malgosia, Damir, Clare, Ken, Sara, Yiwen, Mike, Peace, Page, Helen, Robert

Featured Staff: Meet Yiwen Zhang!

LINGUIST List Programmer Yiwen posing with her MINI!

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

This is Yiwen Zhang, a new-bee programmer at LINGUIST List. I’m one of the student programmers that take care of the tech side after our wonderful Lwin left (sadly!). My journey as a LINGUIST List staff member just started at the beginning of this year, so right now I’m focusing on figuring out how everything works, and thankfully I have been making progress!

One of my major tasks currently is to “renovate” the issues published on the LINGUIST List website. As you have probably noticed, our website has maintained a vintage 90s design for a while (which is rarely seen elsewhere now!). This is a crucial part of our recent project to update our main website so that it will provide a better user experience for our subscribers. While doing my job, I had a chance to look back to all those “historical” issues published by the LINGUIST List that date all the way back to 1990. It is amazing to look at the names of the linguists that have published information from various fields of linguistics and how they represent generations of linguistic research. Also, it makes me realized that the LINGUIST List has been a platform that serves the community constantly in nearly 30 years, and how important my job is to keep it in the way as it is for decades.

Aside from my job at the LINGUIST List, I am pursuing a Ph.D. degree in general linguistics with a focus in Semantics and Chinese. I am lucky enough to have support from the Linguistic department at Indiana University and the LINGUIST List which largely facilitate my learning and research, and this could not happen without your support. Thank you! All of our staff are really grateful and we are working hard to sustain the services we provide to the linguistic community.

For this year’s fund drive, your support is very much needed so that student programmers and editors like me can be supported continually. If you think our services are meaningful and valuable, please kindly contribute to our fund drive. We will really appreciate your support!


Challenges Update… with a twist!

Hello Linguists and Supporters! Today we thought that the challenges update should highlight those who haven’t been able to hold the spotlight yet, the universities and subfields that are in 3rd place through 6th place–those who are just shy of making it into the top!

Check to see if your university makes the list, and if they do, why not push to break into the top three! And look here for the complete listings!

So without further ado, here are the runner-ups in the challenges!

In Subfields:
Phonology takes fourth with $2064–not far behind third place holder Sociolinguistics!
Semantics takes fifth with a total of $1753. Can Semantics overtake Phonology?
Historical Linguistics brings up sixth with $1368! Way to go Historical Linguists!
Current overall leader (for now!): Syntax.

In Universities:
University of South Carolina comes in fourth with $705 from 8 donors! With just a little push, they could catch up to Stanford and put themselves in the top!
Arizona State University is close behind, with $540 from 3 donors.
The Ohio State University brings up fourth $313.00 from 7 donors.
Current leader: University of Washington… but not by too much!

In Regions:
Australia comes in fourth with 7 donors.
The Middle East comes in fifth with 5 donors.
South America comes in sixth with 4 donors. We are so grateful for our donors all over the world! Thanks for being part of the work we do here!
Current leader: North America.

In countries:
Fourth place is currently held by the United Kingdom, with 17 donors–and it’s a slim enough margin to overtake current third place holder Canada in no time.
Austria started out as a frontrunner, and currently holds fifth place with 11 donors. Just a few more to retake your spot, Austria!
Italy comes in sixth with 8 donors… but it closely followed by Japan, the Netherlands, and Spain, off of which are represented by 7 donots each!

The fund drive total currently stands at 62% of the goal, with $14,945 left to go! If each of our users donated just $5, we would not only be done in a heartbeat, but multiply it tenfold! Thanks for being with us the last 28 years as we work to create and maintain a global linguistics community.

–The LL team