Featured Staff

Featured Staff: Meet Jeremy Coburn

Dear LINGUIST Listers,

My name is Jeremy Coburn and I am a GA editor for The LINGUIST List working on book announcements and review issues. I have the pleasure of working with some of the most prominent publishers in the world, e.g. Cambridge and Oxford University Presses, etc., to deliver publications on cutting-edge developments within the field of linguistics to you, our readers. My job is to ensure that the books we announce on LINGUIST List are current and relevant to you and your interests as a linguist by
vetting the hundreds of publications which are submitted to us each month for announcement. This means that when you receive a book announcement from The LINGUIST List, you know that what is being advertised is hand-selected for our linguistic audience.

On the reviews end of my work, I have the opportunity to work for and with many of you in connecting you with publishers to review their publications, thus further ensuring that the publications which pass through our site are of the highest quality we can offer. This gives LINGUIST List the unique opportunity to connect and unite linguists from across the globe in an open forum of peer review and collaboration to shape the field of linguistics, effectively creating a global community of cooperation which is largely absent from many other fields of scientific inquiry. And in that, the field of linguistics and speakers of language (humankind) benefits immensely. I am honored to assist, in my small way, in facilitating such intradisciplinary coordination.
Beyond my work at LINGUIST List, I am a second-year doctoral student at Indiana University pursuing a PhD in Linguistics with a concentration in African languages and linguistics. Having lived in East Africa for several years, I have developed a love for the linguistic diversity present in Africa and consequently focus my research on the description of underdocumented and/or underresourced languages, particularly in Tanzania. My current research is with the Hadzabe people of north-central Tanzania and I will be heading to the field in mid-July. I am a serious language enthusiast (my wife would say obsessive) and I
particularly enjoy phonology and morphology. It is not uncommon to often hear or see me making strange sounds to myself throughout the day as I think through some phonological issues in Hadza. It was really weird to my wife at first but I think she has gotten used to it at this point!

Speaking of my family, I have been married for four years now to my beautiful wife Lynzie and have two fantastic children. Our oldest, Ryker, is 2 1⁄2 years old and he recently got a little sister, Maiya, who is now just over a month old. My kids are the best and it is so much fun to get to see Ryker as he is acquiring language. There are many linguistic geek-out moments each day listening to him speak.

I would like to thank you, our readers, for all that you do for me and my family. You don’t know it but YOU are the reason why my kids are able to have a roof overhead and food in their stomachs. Many of you regularly donate to the LINGUIST List, which is wholly funded by your contributions, and thus are the reason why I have a Graduate Assistantship. When Lynzie and I began this crazy journey of graduate school, we had little more than the ambition to pursue a dream of studying the beautiful languages of Africa and trying to help the world in some small way. We moved to Bloomington, Indiana from Utah without any job or source of funding to pay from my studies. We didn’t know how we would pay for anything. But now, because of your support and contributions, I have a GA-ship with the LINGUIST List which covers my tuition costs and gives me enough money to feed my growing family. Please continue to support LINGUIST List as much as you are able because it does make a significant difference in the life of us, your fellow linguists. You can do that by donating to our fund drive.

Thank you again from Jeremy, Lynzie, Ryker and Maiya!

Featured Staff: Meet Everett Green

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

My name is Everett Green and I am a new editor here at the LINGUIST List. I work on calls and conferences along with Ken and I will also be editing a number of other miscellaneous sections on the website as time goes on. I am a PhD student in Computational Linguistics here at Indiana University and thoroughly enjoy the work we do in the department.

As a relatively new linguist (my undergraduate degree was in Psychology) working at the LINGUIST List has shown me just how vibrant the international linguistics community is. The sheer number of conferences posted to our website each day is far beyond what I would have estimated it to be prior to beginning work here. Being privy to such information has only helped me to further appreciate the opportunity to perform such critical work for the linguistics community. It is quite the honor to help scientists and researchers around the world to collaborate on a vast number of projects that may have major impacts on the ways in which we navigate even the most minute moments of our lives. Resources like those hosted on the LINGUIST List help to speed the rate of progress in the field of linguistics and spread the word about the great conferences that you are all hosting and attending. The fact that we can make these resources available to so many people is a testament to just how effective the internet has been in connecting us with others around the world.

As some of our other staff members have mentioned in their posts, the work we do here at the LINGUIST List would not be possible without donations from scientists, researchers, and interested individuals like yourself and I express my deepest gratitude for your patronage. If you find any of our services useful, please consider making a donation so that we can continue making the website an awesome, ever more useful resource for people like you.

Thanks for reading and have a great day,

– Everett Green

Featured Staff: Meet Nils Hjortnaes

Dear LINGUIST List subscribers,

Nils Hjortnaes, LINGUIST List programmer

My name is Nils Hjortnaes and I’m a web developer here at LINGUIST List. I’m currently working on the new website fixing any issues that may come up, making it as user friendly as possible, and getting everything running smoothly and cleanly with all the functionality of our old website. If you’re curious how much progress we’ve made, you can check the new site out here.

I am currently an M.A. student in Computational Linguistics here at Indiana University, and I am extremely fortunate to have a job at Linguist List which can support me while I continue down this road to finish my Master’s and into a PhD. It is an honor to be able to support the community through such an important resource as the LINGUIST List.

When I first started my graduate program here, I thought the LINGUIST List was just a site to find jobs and conferences. I have since learned that it does so much more, hosting blogs, forums, various resources, and bringing the linguistic community together, among other things. All of this, including updating the website to be easier, faster, and more friendly to use, is only possible through your donations.

Through your support, we are able to continue hosting and providing so many resources to the linguistic community, as well as support students such as myself who are the backbone of maintaining, improving, and running these valuable resources. We therefore ask that you consider supporting us and the entire community by donating to our fund drive.

From all of us here at the LINGUIST List, thank you very much!

Nils Hjortnaes
Web Developer

Featured Staff: Meet Paige Goulding

Hello LINGUIST List Subscribers!

My name is Paige and I am the local web developer here at LINGUIST List, working on a new site for you, our users. I joined the LINGUIST List team in the summer of 2017 thanks to your generous donations and support. I have been working on a new general layout and a submission page to make browsing and submitting to our website easier, faster, and more aesthetically pleasing. I also make promotional graphics, like the ones you have been seeing this fund drive. We hope to roll out aspects of the new site in the next month or two, so you can see exactly how your donations impact what we can do here at the LINGUIST List. If you would like a sneak peak on what we are working on you can check out our previous blog post!

The LINGUIST List has been my place of employment during my master’s program in Computational Linguistics here at IU. I came to IU for the reputation of CL program and for the many amazing things happening at IU’s campus. What I didn’t know was that The LINGUIST List was located here. It was a service I used often in my undergrad as a way of browsing journals and checking out future jobs. I was ecstatic to be hired at the end of my first year at IU to work for a company that I knew had a major impact on the linguistics community.

Your support during this year’s fund drive supports the editors and programmers that help keep the LINGUIST List as a pillar of the linguistic community. Without your support, we would not be able to do all the exciting new things like renovating our website and updating our submission forms. If you would like to continue supporting the LINGUIST List in our endeavors to serve and support the linguistic community, please consider donating to our current fund drive. Thank you from me and all of us here at LINGUIST List.



Featured Staff: Meet Becca Taylor

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

Hello! My name is Becca and I am one of the student editors at LINGUIST List. I am the Managing Editor and I am also responsible for posting jobs, supports, and internships. I am a new hire here at LINGUIST List so if you’ve submitted something very recently we have met via email.

I very recently received my MA in Computational Linguistics and am currently a PhD student. I came to IU without any funding for my MA and I am very fortunate that LL has offered me a Graduate Assistantship so that I can continue my PhD here at IU. Because of your continued support LL is able to help me reach my academic goals and for that I am very grateful, so thank you so much!

Even though I found my graduate program through LL, I didn’t realize just how broad our reach is until I was hired here. Through editing jobs, supports, and internships I see firsthand how vast the community of linguists is and how far reaching LL is an organization. LL is a great resource that is accessible to a large number of people and the editors and programmers couldn’t do it without your support.

When you support the LINGUIST List, you are also supporting not just the students that work here, but you are also supporting the open access to the wide array of knowledge that is accessible through LL, anyone in the linguistics community that uses LL, and also the future of an organization that has been supporting linguists for almost three decades.

Thank you again for all of your support, everyone here at LINGUIST List is forever grateful to all of you. If would like to help us to continue providing resources to the linguistic community please visit our fund drive page and donate today.

Thank you again!

Becca Taylor
Managing Editor

It’s time to say goodbye… and hello!

Hello Linguists and Supporters,

As you know, the LINGUIST List is operated by the hard work of graduate students at our host institution, Indiana University. But graduate students are in a transitionary phased of their lives, and every few years a handful of our hard workers earn their degrees and move on with their careers. Last year, Amanda Foster from publications moved home to France. This year, Mike, our publications and reviews editor, graduated and was hired by Google. Clare, our jobs and supports editor, has earned her MS and been hired by the US Navy. Ken, who edits conference announcements, will be teaching next year.

Lwin, our long-time IT person, has gone back home to Burma, and Paige, who has been diligently working on the new website behind the scenes, just graduated too. We’re thrilled for our students who are achieving the great things they set out to do when they started their academic careers years ago, and we’re so excited to see where they go next! But having so many crucial editors and IT staff moving on at once is an enormous stress to the workflow here at LL, and we need your support and patience more than ever.

The Old Team! So many of these lovely people are moving on. We’ll miss you!

It’s time to say goodbye to so many of our friends and colleagues, and we’ll miss them. And it’s time to welcome the new staff who are working hard to catch up, train, and take over the workflow here!

We’re pleased to introduce Peace Han and Yiwen Zhang, our new IT staff, Jeremy Coburn, who will be taking over for Mike in publications, Everett Green, who will take over for Ken in Conferences, Nils Hjortnaes, who’ll be taking over for Paige on developing the new website, and Becca Taylor, who’s the new Jobs and Supports editor! Have a little patience with us during the transition, say goodbye to your long-time correspondents here at LL, and say hello to all the newbies. Please donate to the LINGUIST List Fund Drive to help support these wonderful students in their academic endeavors, while they help support you in yours!

All the best,
–The LL Team

Featured Staff: Meet Yiwen Zhang!

LINGUIST List Programmer Yiwen posing with her MINI!

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

This is Yiwen Zhang, a new-bee programmer at LINGUIST List. I’m one of the student programmers that take care of the tech side after our wonderful Lwin left (sadly!). My journey as a LINGUIST List staff member just started at the beginning of this year, so right now I’m focusing on figuring out how everything works, and thankfully I have been making progress!

One of my major tasks currently is to “renovate” the issues published on the LINGUIST List website. As you have probably noticed, our website has maintained a vintage 90s design for a while (which is rarely seen elsewhere now!). This is a crucial part of our recent project to update our main website so that it will provide a better user experience for our subscribers. While doing my job, I had a chance to look back to all those “historical” issues published by the LINGUIST List that date all the way back to 1990. It is amazing to look at the names of the linguists that have published information from various fields of linguistics and how they represent generations of linguistic research. Also, it makes me realized that the LINGUIST List has been a platform that serves the community constantly in nearly 30 years, and how important my job is to keep it in the way as it is for decades.

Aside from my job at the LINGUIST List, I am pursuing a Ph.D. degree in general linguistics with a focus in Semantics and Chinese. I am lucky enough to have support from the Linguistic department at Indiana University and the LINGUIST List which largely facilitate my learning and research, and this could not happen without your support. Thank you! All of our staff are really grateful and we are working hard to sustain the services we provide to the linguistic community.

For this year’s fund drive, your support is very much needed so that student programmers and editors like me can be supported continually. If you think our services are meaningful and valuable, please kindly contribute to our fund drive. We will really appreciate your support!


A Letter from Editor Sarah Robinson

Dear LINGUIST Listers,

My name is Sarah, and I’m on the Pubs Team–I manage journals, journal calls for papers, TOCs, summer schools, academic papers, and dissertations. We may have met through email, or you may have read some of my blog posts about nerd stuff on the LL blog.

I’ve worked at LL for just under a year, and my position at LL has, without exaggeration, saved my academic career. I came to IU without any funding and would not have been able to continue building up debt. LL hired me last year and offered me a graduate assistantship. On top of that, I found my graduate program through LL.

While working here, I’ve worked toward an MA in General Linguistics, and was recently accepted into the PhD program in the Linguistics Department, as well as the PhD in the Germanic Studies Department. I’ll be earning my MA in just a few days!

LL has also put me in a position to meet and talk to countless scholars all over the world. Editing TOCs means I have a unique, holistic view of the linguistic research currently being published; reviewing and tagging every abstract in every journal that comes through the list–which is quite a lot!–means that I have a front row seat to newest publications in every subfield.

During my degree, I have been able to work on a wide range of exciting projects in multiple fields of linguistics, from phonetics and phonology to cognitive science. LL’s support and security is the main reason I have been able to continue my studies.

There’s only a few students managing all the data, submissions, and daily postings at LL. Each day, I come in, check my emails and make sure to take care of any issues that submitters have contacted us about. Then I check for new dissertations and papers, new summer schools, publisher submissions, journal submissions, JCalls, and finally, TOCs. If I have time, I’ll jump on another posting area to help another editor who is backed up. I’m cross-trained in jobs and conferences.

When you support the LINGUIST List, you support the mission the LINGUIST List stands for–the cause of creating a global linguistics community, a place to share knowledge and find resources–but you also support students like me, who wouldn’t otherwise be able to be part of it.

Thanks for donating!
Best regards,

This is my face. Please donate.

A Letter from Featured Staff Clare Harshey

Clare Harshey, LINGUIST List Editor (and amateur IndyCar driver)

Dear LINGUIST Listers,

My name is Clare, and if you’ve contacted us recently about a job, support, internship or book review, we’ve probably met through email! Those are the areas I manage for the LINGUIST List as one of our Student Editors. I’m writing you today to tell you about who I am, what I do, and why I believe the LINGUIST List deserves your support!

I’ve worked at the LINGUIST List for almost two years, but I first started as an summer intern in 2016. Being selected for that opportunity was one of the most exciting experiences of my life, and I spent the summer working on our Yiddish Speech Corpus, learning a lot of new software and new methodologies. At the end of the summer I was able to take on new responsibilities, eventually leading to my position as an editor today.

During the two years I’ve been here, I’ve worked toward an MS in Computational Linguistics (with any luck, I’ll be graduating a month from now!). The LINGUIST List provided support throughout my degree, as it has throughout the years for many student employees. Not only have I benefited from this financial support, but I’ve also grown professionally here, being in a unique position to contact a wide range of linguists and language enthusiasts around the world!

One thing that might surprise a visitor to the LINGUIST List is just how small our office is! Aside from our moderators, there are only a handful of students who run the day-to-day operations of the list. We have four editors, and together we edit and publish about 6,000 issues per year. We also have three programmers, who together maintain our website, database, and develop our new website. We are all graduate students with ambitious schedules, but we are all in the office every day of the week, fielding new submissions, reader questions, technical problems, and anything else that may pop up. We even handle quite a bit of work at night, on weekends and on most holidays!

On any given day in the office, I will post any new jobs, support or internship announcements, communicating with their submitters about any content-related concerns. I want to make sure that every issue goes out with all the accurate information a reader would need. I will also edit reviews submissions and communicate with our reviews team about the many ins and outs of the reviews process: book requests, ordering reviews copies from the publishers, finding missing reviews copies, and much more! Most days, we also have one or more meetings in the office to discuss problems that have come up and progress toward new goals. The editors often work closely with our programmers to address technical problems, and we are all very familiar with each others’ work, so we can be flexible and continue to post as usual in any circumstance.

We often get comments from colleagues in other fields about how useful the LINGUIST List is, and how they wish their field had a similar resource. The truth is, our operation IS very unique, with an extremely small team making high quality information available, for everyone, for free! We’re all linguists, too, so we’re passionate about what we do. But we could not do it without the support of our readers.

When you support the LINGUIST List, you’re supporting the students who are able to get their degree by working here. But not just that–you’re supporting open access to valuable information; you’re supporting the careers of young linguists who need resources like ours to find their first job or their first conference; you’re supporting the future of an institution that has been, in turn, supporting linguists for almost 30 years.

Thanks for reading, and thanks again for your generosity through the years. I am sincerely grateful, and so are my colleagues! If you haven’t already, please visit us at our Fund Drive homepage and consider showing your support today.


Clare Harshey

A Letter from Featured Staff Peace Han

Peace, the technical guru behind the LINGUIST List database

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

This is Peace Han, one of the student programmers here at LINGUIST List. My unofficial job title is “The new Lwin” 🙂 I am in charge of managing the site, making sure all the features of the LINGUIST List that you know and love are functioning, and managing EasyAbs requests. I have never done any website management before starting at LINGUIST List, so I sometimes take a while to figure out how to handle some of your requests–thank you all for your patience!

One of the most interesting parts of my job is reading the legacy of code that makes LINGUIST List run. Much of the code was first written many years ago by older graduate assistants who were passionate and dedicated to providing the linguistics community with a reliable mailing list and web information service. Over the years, the LINGUIST List website has been evolving and continues to adapt as new updates and technologies are introduced. It’s a great privilege to read and modify and even edit code that has existed since even before I was born, and it’s always an adventure to try to figure out how coding syntax (which can be just as complex as natural language syntax at times!) has evolved over the years. The comments left by my predecessors in the code are still more useful to me than the code itself, reminding me that computers have a long way to go before they can catch up to human language, and this is why I am so passionate about what the LINGUIST List does for linguists around the world.

Outside of my job at the LINGUIST List, I am a student at Indiana University in the Computational Linguistics, BS/MS joint degree program. The Linguistics department at IU and the LINGUIST List both have been wonderful in supporting me throughout my academic career at IU, and I would not be able to complete the 5-year program without your support. I and all of my fellow student graduate assistants working at the LINGUIST List are grateful for the chance to support and give back to the linguistics community while also completing our studies. Thank you again! If you think the LINGUIST List and the various services it offers are valuable, as all of us at LL do, or if you are just passionate about the dissemination of linguistic knowledge, please donate here. We are all grateful for your support!


Peace Han