Fund Drive Closing Letter


the Fund Drive is over! We would like to thank all those who have supported the LINGUIST List team – either financially or morally. The full list of our donors this year can be found here:

We have also made the advisors challenge – in the last 24 hours of the Fund Drive our readers donated over $1000 and – as promised – the members of our advisory board will match this amount with additional donation on top of the donations throughout the duration of the Fund Drive. Thank you!

While the numbers are still being updated, it looks like we have a winner in the university challenge – and this year it is Stanford University. Congratulations! Stanford can be also proud of the second biggest number of donors from a single institution – thirteen. The institution with the highest number of donors – fourteen – is this year University of Southern Carolina, which also takes the overall 3rd place in the university challenge. The second place in the university challenge goes to Wayne State!

The Fund Drive is over but we still need your support. We have reached just below 60% of our Fund Drive goal this year. For the next couple of days, you will still be able to make a donation via our 2019 campaign https://iufoundation.fundly.com/the-linguist-list-2019 . Later, you can use Indiana University Foundation – please choose ‘Linguist List Discretionary Fund’ from the selection of accounts (https://www.myiu.org/give-now).

Here are the results of the challenges:

University Challenge:
Stanford University
Wayne State University
University of South Carolina

Subfield Challenge:

Syntax (this is a tradition)


Country Challenge Top 10:
United States
United Kingdom

Again, thank you so much for your contributions and support!

Faithfully Yours,
Malgosia – on behalf of the LINGUIST List Team: Helen, Rebecca, Jeremy, Sarah, Peace, Everett, Nils, Yiwen

The current LL crew!

The Fund Drive is Almost Over!


Over the last month we have sent numerous calls for support. As you should know, LINGUIST List is on a soft budget; the funds to pay salaries to our student-editors and the web development team comes from paid ads and from your donations. While bills need to be paid, there is one thing we don’t want to do: hide behind a pay wall and charge an obligatory fee from our readers. This is because the only way to become a member in our club is by participating in knowledge exchange, not by paying a fee. To help running LINGUIST List, to keep the doors open to those who cannot pay, to keep the contributions of those who cannot pay available to us, for the progress of the field, for yourself to keep this resource functional, please donate.This is the last day of the Fund Drive, the last call. Our advisors, whom I cannot thank enough, encouraged and supported us during this Fund Drive by organizing challenges in their home institutions and donating themselves. The whole list of our faithful advisors is here: https://new.linguistlist.org/advisors/

If we receive a minimum of $1000 within 24 of this post, our advisors pledged to match this donation with their own additional contribution of $1000.

Please donate.

Thank you,
The LINGUIST List Team

The current LL crew!

Four days till the fund drive ends: we need your help!

Dear LINGUIST List readers and subscribers,

Our 2019 Fund Drive is coming to a close with only 4 days remaining, including today, and we still have less than half of our goal–just 46%.

We derive a significant portion of our operational costs from donation, and we really depend on the support of our readers. Without the support of our wonderful community of linguists all over the world, the LINGUIST List would have to close its doors.

We rely on it ourselves–to find journals, to stay informed and up to date on journals, conferences, and job opportunities around the world, some of our GAs even discovered their programs using LL–and we know how many other rely on this resource as well.

To those of you who have already donated, thank you! You are instrumental to our ability to keep the LINGUIST List alive and able to serve the global community! Your support means the world to us.
If just one thirtieth of our subscribers donated the lowest possible amount allowed by the host institution’s donation counter, we would reach our goal within the hour.

click here to donate: https://funddrive.linguistlist.org/donate/

Thanks for being with us all these years; without you, there’s no us. So here’s to being here, serving linguists all over the world, for years to come.

All the best,
-The LL Team

LINGUIST List potrzebuje Waszego wsparcia


zwracam się do wszystkich miłośników języków i językoznawstwa. LINGUIST List potrzebuje Waszego wsparcia. Od prawie trzydziestu lat służymy dyscyplinie, staramy się łączyć, bezstronnie informować, zapewniać czytelnikom poczucie uczestnictwa w szerszej wspólnocie akademickiej, ponadnarodowej i interdyscyplinarnej. Przez lata pomogliśmy tysiącom ludzi znaleźć pracę, ogłosiliśmy tysiące konferencji, książek, artykułów, publikowaliśmy recenzje, opinie, dyskusje, około setki studentów ukończyło studia bez długów dzięki pracy w LINGUIST List.

Nasza działalność może się skończyć z dnia na dzień. Tylko mały ułamek naszego budżetu pochodzi ze środków uniwersytetu, który nas gości. Reszta to reklamy i wsparcie czytelników. Jeżeli nie będzie wsparcia czytelników, nie będzie dochodu z reklam i nie będzie wsparcia administracji naszego uniwersytetu. Rozumiem, że minimalna suma donacji – 10$ – nie jest małą sumą, ale zapraszam wszystkich, którzy mogą sobie na to pozwolić, żeby wsparli LINGUIST List. Jeśli 10$ to zbyt dużo, zawsze można złożyć się w kilka osób. Jeśli nie możecie wesprzeć nas finansowo, podajcie dalej informację o naszej akcji zbierania funduszy, To jest Wasz serwis, Wy z niego korzystacie i Wy tworzycie tę wspólnotę.

lub bezpośrednio:


Malgosia Cavar
Moderatorka, LINGUIST List

Fun Fact 2: Virtual Contact Cards

Hello all,

It’s Tuesday again, which means it’s time for our second fun fact! Have you ever wanted an excuse to visit somewhere but can’t justify it because academic life is hard? Conferences are the perfect excuse! Using LINGUIST List’s geoling, you can check out what conferences are nearby your dream travel destination and plan accordingly. Geoling also lists jobs and summer schools, so if you’re looking for a place to visit, or just want to see what’s out there, take a look!

A brand new feature we just added to geoling, thanks to our very own intern Julian Dietrich, is the ability to download contact cards, called vCards, from the huge selection of contacts available through us. By selecting contacts on the menu and then clicking on one of the pins, you can find the download vCard button on the bottom of the short description. This will allow you to automatically add that information to your list of contacts. And yes, it works on both Android and iPhone.

We hope you enjoy the new feature! And there are more coming soon. Talk to you next week for our next fun fact!

If you appreciate services provided by the LINGUIST List like book announcements, please consider donating to our annual fund drive campaign. We rely on your donations to continue operating and supporting our editors.

If you’ve already donated or just donated, thank you, we appreciate it.


Linguistics in the Adriatic

Hello again Linguist Listers,

Sorry to keep you waiting. It turns out that Monday was the American Holiday: Labor Day. Our first post in the geoling series will be from our beloved moderator, Dr. Malgorzata Cavar. Without further ado, here is the piece:

View of the Adriatic Coast from Kotor bay in Montenegro

Imagine you spend some nice time on the Adriatic coast and want to take a break from sailing, diving, kite surfing or perhaps rather from eating the specialties of the local cuisine. You think there is nothing for a linguist here? A short look at Geoling proves this wrong. There are a couple of universities with linguistic programs – in Padova, Nova Gorica, Trieste and Zadar. And just this summer… In July the conference “Perspectives on Linguistic Diversity” took place at the University of Rijeka. If we drive a little east, to Banja Luka, Aug 10 was the last day of the EGG summer school (Eastern Generative Grammar), a summer school with over 20 years of tradition. In September, the University of Pula hosts International Symposium: Japanese Language Learning for New Generations, and at the University of Rijeka there is the meeting of the European Society for Philosophy & Psychology. Also in September, The Summer School of the Società Italiana di Glottologia will be held at the University of Udine and you can continue with the annual convention of Società Italiana di Glottologia in October in Macerata. If you are in Venice in October you can stop by the Language, Gender and HaTe Speech conference. Next year in May a conference on E-Dictionaries and E-Lexicography will meet in Zagreb at the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics. And in summer next year, morphologists will meet in Slovenia and phonologists – in Italy… Go and check out your travel destination on GeoLing today.


– Dr. M. Cavar and the LINGUIST List Team

A Brief History of the LINGUIST List

Hello LINGUIST Listers,

Thanks again for visiting our blog!

Today, we would like to give you a little insight about the beginnings of the website. Did you know that the LINGUIST List was one of the first sites on the web? (You may have guessed as much from our “classic” layout). It was originally started in the year 1990 before web browsers (or the internet for that matter) had become popular among the general public. The website began its journey at the University of Western Australia with our founders, Professor Anthony Aristar and his wife, Professor Helen Aristar-Dry. Roughly one year later, the LINGUIST List made a quick move to Texas A&M University. The main editing site, however, was established at Eastern Michigan University where most of the life of the website has been centered. In 1994, the website already had over 5,000 subscribers. This may not sound like much nowadays but considering the relative number of internet users at the time, this was quite a lot! It was around this time that the LINGUIST List even held its own online conference. In the following years the LINGUIST List made a few more moves. In 1997 it moved away from Texas A&M to its own site, in 1998 a second editing site was established at Wayne State University, and in 2006 all of the LINGUIST List’s operations moved to Eastern Michigan University. Five years later in 2013, our original founders retired and handed off the reigns to our current moderators, Professors Damir and Malgorzata Cavar. Finally, in 2014, the LINGUIST List moved to Indiana University where it currently resides today.

Over this period of time the LINGUIST List has accumulated a number of useful resources, many of which we have detailed in some of our other blog posts. We are only able to offer these services, however, with the help of our generous community members like yourself. Our fund drive is currently ongoing and we need your help to continue making the linguistics community awesome. Your donations in particular strengthen the linguistics community by providing resources and valuable information to your fellow linguists. Join us in this endeavor by donating what you can today!

One of the oldest websites on the internet

With gratitude,

The LINGUIST List Team

Have you heard of LINGUIST List’s Geoling Service?

GeoLing is a map service that displays on a global map all linguistics information posted to LINGUIST List  — from jobs, to conferences, to internships. The LINGUIST List posts to the mailing list only events of global relevance, but if you want to inform the community about any local events in your area, GeoLing is the tool you want to use. When you submit events to GeoLing, they are not only displayed on the GeoLing map, but also forwarded to all LINGUIST List pages on social media. They will be also made accessible via Amazon Alexa.


Find events in your area using Geoling’s global map!

Any information that contains geo-coordinates or addresses – when  posted on LINGUIST List (using the structured submission interface on its website: http://linguistlist.org/LL/posttolinguist.cfm) is instantly mapped on GeoLing and does not need to be separately posted on GeoLing


If you want to make public information about:

  • Talks and meetings at your local departments
  • Colloquium presentations
  • Workgroup meetings
  • The office address of your institution, department, program
  • Book presentations
  • Language resources, data sets, tools
  • And other information of local and regional interest

submit the announcements to GeoLing!


GeoLing runs on all major browsers and on mobile devices.


To learn how to submit a local event, please visit: http://geoling.linguistlist.org/howto/


To add a local event, please visit: http://geoling.linguistlist.org/add/


The LINGUIST List team will release the entire code of the GeoLing app on GitHub in the next days! Stay tuned and watch for updates at:




We will continue to put our full efforts into GeoLing and expand its capabilities and features. You are welcome to join us and help us by forking the GitHub repo.

Lastly, we ask that you all please consider making a donation to Fund Drive 2018. To keep our services, such as the cool, exciting and most of all FREE GeoLing, and all of our other features up and running  we need your help. Please consider supporting The LINGUIST List in our 2018 Fund Drive by making a donation at http://funddrive.linguistlist.org/donate/




Support like yours is vital to our ongoing efforts to upgrade and develop services like GeoLing. We hope you will continue to support us so we can better support you!



The LINGUIST List Team

Syntax is leading in the Subfield Challenge!


Hello again linguists and supporters! Check out our most recent challenge rankings to find out where your university or subfield stands!

In the Subfield Challenge:
Syntax dominates with a total of $4847 in donations!
Computational Linguistics comes up second with $3600.
Sociolinguistics comes in third with a total of $2649.

In the University Challenge:
University of Washington looks to win for a second year in a row with a total of $2745 from 39 donors.
Indiana University, our proud host institution, comes in second with $2275 from 24 donors.
Stanford University still holds third with $1370 from 20 donors.

Region Challenge:
North American leads with 287 total donors.
Europe maintains a strong second place with 144 donors.
Asia retains third with 27 donors.

Country Challenge:
The US continues in the lead with 259 donors.
Germany comes in second with 42 donors.
Canada hold third with 28 donors.

We’re grateful for your support and participation. Three cheers to our donors, who’ve been behind us for nearly three decades.
–The LL Team

Challenges Update–May the best University Win?

Hello again linguists and supporters! Check out our most recent challenge rankings to find out where your university or subfield stands!

In the Subfield Challenge:
Syntax is in the lead–for now!–with $4775 total in donations. Go Syntax!
In second place, Computational Linguistics follows with $3600 even.
In third Sociolinguistics comes up with $2089 total.

In the University Challenge:
University of Washington maintains a lead with $2745 from a total of 39 donors.
But look out, because Indiana University is not far behind, with $2275 from a total of 24 donors.
Finally, Stanford University retains third for now, with a total of $1370 from 20 donors.

Region Challenge:
North America currently holds the lead with 272 donors in all.
Europe comes in second with 131 donors–can they close the gap?
And finally Asia comes in third with 36 donors.

Country Challenge:
The USA holds the first place with a total of 247 donors.
Germany comes in a distant second with 36 total donors.
And Canada holds its hard-earned spot in third with a total of 25 donors, looking, perhaps, to upset Germany soon!

We’re grateful for your support and participation. Three cheers to our donors, who’ve been behind us for nearly three decades. Check out the full rankings at https://linguistlist.org/indexfd.cfm!
–The LL Team