An update on the Fund Drive Challenges!

Dear Faithful Readership,

We received many donations in just one day, on Wednesday during our Day without the LINGUIST List. This event has raised awareness for our cause. We are so thankful for those of you who donated that day! Please spread the word, we are still far from reaching our goal – but the last week has certainly encouraged us!

Now, for an exciting update on the Challenges! With that increase in donations, everything has turned upside down, and we have new challenge leaders!

Top Five Universities:

1)Indiana University: $2186.00 (17 donors)!

2)University of Washington: $2035.00 (26 donors)

3) Stanford University: $1670.00 (21 donors)

4) University of Arizona: $750.00 (4 donors)

5) University of South Carolina: $555.00 (7 donors)

Top Five Countries:

1) USA (260 donors)!

2) Germany (44 donors)

3) United Kingdom (31 donors)

4) Canada (23 donors)

5) Spain (15 donors)

Top Five Subfields:

1) Syntax: $4346.00

2) Computational Linguistics: $3470.00

3) Semantics: $2607.00

4) Sociolinguistics: $2149.00

5) Phonetics: $1990.00

You can support your team by donating to the LINGUIST List!

Thank you,

The LINGUIST List team

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