Exciting Prizes to win!

Dear Readers,

Thanks to all your support this far, we have passed 50% of our goal for this Fund Drive! Now with $38,831.76, we have almost reached the 40,000 needed in order to meet our Advisor’s Challenge!

This week, we are launching our FINAL LINGUIST List Lottery draw! For any donation you make, your name will be entered for a chance to win one of the following prizes:

1) Books 2 (Literacy) and 7 (Language Testing and Assessment) of the Encyclopedia of Language and Education, 2nd Edition, published by Springer

2) The book of your choice from Multilingual Matters (http://www.multilingual-matters.com) and a one year subscription to the journal Anthropological Linguistics, published by the University of Nebraska Press

If you donate more than $10, every extra $10 gets your name entered once more into the draw! The draw will take place on Monday, May 8, so you have exactly one week to donate!

Want to win a prize but don’t have any money to give? Just share the word on social media, by telling people why you appreciate the LINGUIST List with the hashtag: #whyIlovetheLINGUISTlist! For every post you tag with this mention, your name will be entered in a draw dor a chance to win this prize:

The Written Questionnaire in Social Dialectology, by Stefan Dollinger, published by John Benjamins

Finally, until we reach 40,000, our challenges are still running! Donate to support your team! Right now, Indiana University has passed Washington for the first place, and Syntax is in front of Computational Linguistics! Follow the challenges at the links below:


Thanks for your support, and good luck to all!


–The LINGUIST List team

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