Fun Fact: Our Editors

Hello all,

This is Nils, the web developer at the LINGUIST List, and I’ll be doing this year’s fun facts for our fund drive. I’d like to kick it off with some fun facts about our editors, the people who make sure that everything we post is formatted consistently and the content is relevant to you, our readers. Without our editors the list would get flooded with irrelevant, annoying ads and typos that sneak past our spam filters.

We all come from a wide range of places and backgrounds. To illustrate that, we’ve (almost) all written a bit on where we’re from, which you can find here. Finally, every one of the editors is also a graduate student of Linguistics at Indiana University and we all work part time in the office located just a block away from campus. This is why your donations are so important. They not only support a major source of news in Linguistics, but also a part of the next generation of linguists in their studies.

If you appreciate services provided by the LINGUIST List like book announcements, please consider donating to our annual fund drive campaign. We rely on your donations to continue operating and supporting our editors.

If you’ve already donated or just donated, thank you, we appreciate it.

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