Fun Facts: Halloween

Hello Linguist Listers,

As Halloween approaches, LINGUIST List is pleased to announce a special conference* that would not be possible at other times of the year.

Conference Title: Special Conference on Historical Linguistics and Philology: resolving controversies once and for all

Dates: October 31, 2020, Midnight to 1 am

Venue: Steinau, Germany (hometown of the renowned philologists Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm)

Conference Description:

Due to the annual thinning of the veil between this world and the next, we will be able to hear from an exciting series of invited speakers that we would otherwise not be able to reach. These speakers will be able to shed new light on various controversies in historical linguistics and help us definitively expand our knowledge of proto languages and their development. Keynote Speakers include:

  • Serega, former native speaker of Proto-Indo-European
  • Mikko, former native speaker of Proto-Uralic
  • Parvati, former native speaker of Proto-Dravidian

The conference will be live-streamed, but due to the incorporeal nature of our invited speakers, only an audio portion will be available. For those of you attending in person, please bring your own Ouija board in order to participate in the Q & A session following each talk. In the interests of time, and because our speakers will not be familiar with modern alphabets, closed (yes/no) questions are encouraged.

*DISCLAIMER: This is not a real conference, but a bit of fun in the spirit of Halloween. Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you enjoy the holiday weekend safely.

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