Fun Facts: This Year’s Theme

Hello all,

This is Nils, the programmer here at Linguist List. With a new fund drive comes new fun facts! Some of these you may have heard before, but I hope you learn something new about our mailing list and website. This year is our 30th anniversary as a mailing list, so our theme for this fund drive is history!

Keeping with the theme, did you know that the first website was created in 1991, after the founding of the Linguist list? You can still see it here: Our own website was originally created later in 1997 after years of being exclusively a mailing list. As was mentioned in our retrospective, the first post on our list was sent by our founder Anthony Aristar on Dec 13, 1990 and is still up here: Check out our earlier post to see more about it.

Thanks for reading! If you can support the LINGUIST List this year – please do! Even if only 50% of our readership contributed $5 each we would be really well off. We hope we help you make it through this difficult time, please help us make it through, too. I hope not to wake up next year to a new reality without the LINGUIST List. So please, donate here:

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