Fund Drive 2016: Introducing GeoLing

Dear LINGUIST List Subscribers,

GeoLing is a map service that will include all linguistics information around the world—from jobs, to conferences, to internships—and now, for the first time on LINGUIST List—local events. GeoLing will show all events in a map that is also aware of the users geo-location. It runs in all major browsers including on mobile devices.

Information that contains geo-coordinates or addresses and that is posted on LINGUIST List (using the structured submission interface on its website: will be mapped in this interface. Currently, all announcements that were submitted to LINGUIST List up till January are displayed on GeoLing. We are working on regularly exporting all of the announcements to the map.

We have implemented an interface to submit local events which are not part of the regular LINGUIST List announcements. Now, you can add and find events such as local talks, gatherings, etc.

Again, the emphasis for GeoLing is on linguistics, which includes theoretical, descriptive, documentary, cognitive, psycho-linguistics, etc., and in particular corpus and computational linguistics.

To learn how to submit a local event, please visit:

To add a local event, please visit:

We hope to continue to put our full efforts into GeoLing and expand its capabilities and features. We ask that you please make a donation to Fund Drive 2016. To keep our services, such as the brand new and FREE GeoLing, and all of our other features up and running, we need your help. Please consider supporting The LINGUIST List in our 2016 Fund Drive by making a donation at

Support like yours is vital to our ongoing efforts to upgrade and develop services like GeoLing. We hope you will continue to support us so we can better support you!

The LINGUIST List Team

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