How Many Linguists Are Connected Through the LINGUIST List?

Dear LINGUIST List readers and subscribers,

Did you know we recently passed 70,000 followers on social media? Our social media accounts are part of how we circulate your ads and announcements for jobs, calls for papers, conference calls, and other resources for linguists. We circulate your announcements to our 30,000 email subscribers, and also post every announcement to facebook, twitter, and other social media platforms to increase the audience you can reach.

We love the linguistics community, and our followers benefit from our daily announcements by being able to stay connected with the community, find conferences and journals, and even post discussions and research queries! At our founding in 1990, we had only 60 subscribers–but that’s nothing to scoff at, considering how few websites and listservs were functioning in 1990. Did you know the LINGUIST List is one of the oldest sites on the web?

Please consider donating to the LINGUIST List fund drive (check it out here: to support the linguistics community across the world, and help keep us all connected.

Thanks again for being there with us all these years–from 1990 to 2018, from 60 readers to 70,000.
–The LL Team

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