LINGUIST List Needs Your Help!

Dear Colleagues,

After two years of service since the last fund drive in 2012, and many new developments, The LINGUIST List is asking for your help again.

During only the last two years we have posted more than 10,000 issues. We have more than 25,000 subscribers to the list. Per MONTH more than 200,000 individual visitors read your posts on the LINGUIST List page. In the year 2013 the LINGUIST List website had more than 1,200,000 unique visitors and more than 5,000,000 visits. More than 100 million hits per year have reached our servers, and almost 6 TB of content have been sent out to the world. All job advertisements, book announcements or reviews have been disseminated via Twitter. News and information has been made available on the LINGUIST blog and social media like Facebook or Google+. This was an exciting time, and we are looking forward to provide you with more opportunities and ways to find out about conferences, internships, jobs, or new publications.

As you all know, the last LINGUIST fund drive was in 2012. Fund Drive 2014 is finally coming up.

We are asking you for your help. The LINGUIST List is a community funded organization. It is made possible by your donations and support. Your donations support directly the student editors who make sure that your postings are send out in time and published on the web. The LINGUIST List does not receive any state or government support, it is made possible by volunteers, supporting publishers, paid job advertisements, and in particular your generous donations and the numerous student editors. You make The LINGUIST List possible.

Please join us on a new journey around the globe in the next weeks. The TraveLing pages are up. We hope that you will enjoy the trip, and please do support LINGUIST List.

The LINGUIST team has prepared the web pages that will enable your TraveLing at the following URL:

New information and pages might emerge there during the fund drive, many surprises can be expected. The LINGUIST team has prepared some exciting stuff. Please stay tuned.

Let me point out some new features: We provide a new additional PayPal donation interface on the fund drive page. This method allows you to donate directly to the eLinguistics Foundation (an American 501(c)(3) non-profit organization) that is set up to support the LINGUIST List student editors.

Thank you for your help and support.

Best Wishes,