Staff Letter: Everett Green

Everett Green

Hello, Fellow Linguists!

My name is Everett Green, and I am currently the general editor for the LINGUIST List. I am chiefly responsible for all of the lower traffic submission areas (i.e. FYI’s, Software, Media, Discussions, etc.) but since I am trained on almost all of the editorial areas (sans 3 or 4) I try to spend time helping out my colleagues with their tasks when the opportunity arises. Lately, I have been spending my time managing the fund drive posts so I can not thank those of you who have donated enough, especially in these particularly stressful times.

As some of my colleagues have mentioned, this job gives us a considerable amount of insight into the field of linguistics as a whole and since I have worked in almost all of the editorial areas in some capacity, I have gained a respectable overview of the field of linguistics. In particular the jobs and conference call submission areas showcase some very interesting research. However, I am a bit biased here as these are the two primary areas that I was responsible for in the past. The sampling of the research space that our job provides has been invaluable in helping me to determine my own research interests and, as another bonus, it is quite heartening to see some of the great research that all of you do.

Outside of the LINGUIST List, I am a dual PhD student in Computational Linguistics and Cognitive Science. Generally, I study neural networks (among other techniques) and how we can use these to create artificial agents (i.e. virtual agents, robots) that ground their understanding of language in the context of their environment as humans do in the real world. Lately, I have been studying a special type of neural network called a transformer network which was the network architecture behind the recent breakthrough language model, GPT-3 (explanation here:

The opportunity to work with the faculty here at Indiana University, who have deep knowledge on the aforementioned topics, is not something that I take for granted. Without the support of the LINGUIST List, I would have gone deeply in debt to acquire the knowledge that I currently possess and more than likely would not have been able to be a part of the research community at all. So I cannot thank you all enough for your support. I only hope that I can repay the favor by contributing research that makes all of your lives healthier and happier. Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to read about me and I hope to keep assisting all of you in whatever way that I can here at the LINGUIST List.

Best wishes to all of you,

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