Syntax is in the lead in the Subfield Challenge!

Hello there LINGUIST List subscribers! Today we have another update on the Fund Drive challenges. Check out the standings below to see where your university, subfield, or region is!

Syntax has shot to the lead, surpassing Computational Linguistics at last! Syntax now stands in first with $1905 in donations.
Computational Linguistics, longtime frontrunner, is now in second place with $1775. Can they take their position back from Syntax?
Sociolinguistics remains in third with $1300 in donations, putting it $180 ahead of Semantics.

Things are pretty calm in the University challenge… for now. Stanford University remains in the lead with $1370 from 20 donors, but University of Washington, last year’s winner, is not far behind.
University of Washington is currently in second with $1285 from 15 donors… creeping up on Stanford. Will they be able to repeat last year’s win?
Arizona State University is in third with $500 from 1 donor.

North America continues to improve its lead, with a total of 122 donors.
Europe has steadily approached, but not fast enough to catch up–yet–with a total of 49 European donors.
Asia comes third with 11 total donors.

The standings in the country challenge look steady for now too, with the US in the lead with a total of 116 donors.
Germany comes in second with 15 donors.
Austria comes in third with 9 donors… but many other regions have been climbing the ranks, and soon one of them may take Canada’s spot–the UK is only 2 behind!

Thanks again for participating in our yearly fund drive, and for supporting us all these years–we are approaching 30% of our Fund Drive goal, thanks to all of you! Check out the full standings at
–The LL Team

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