We’ve Passed the Three-Quarter Mark!

Dear LINGUIST List readers and subscribers,

The LL fund drive is currently ongoing. The past few months we’ve had a blast working with our fund drive theme, linguistics and pop culture, and exploring all the ways that our culture, society, and media engages with language and linguistics as communicative, sociological, emotional, and artistic parts of the human life and human world, and finding new ways to engage with language as a part of society, art, and media.

Although the fund drive theme is good fun, it has also been academically enriching to join together and think about all the ways in which linguistics is inextricably bound up with our identities and conceptions of the world and the ways in which we construct ourselves as societies and individuals. This experience has only reinforced, to us, the crucial importance of the study of linguistics and the important role that you, our readers and subscribers, play in expanding the circumference of human knowledge. The LINGUIST List exists to support and serve the global linguistics community–in other words, to support and serve you! Supporting the LINGUIST List is supporting the mission of global linguistics.

We’re excited to announce that we are now over 76% of our total fund drive goal for 2018, meaning we’re over three quarters of the way to our goal. Please consider donating (here: https://funddrive.linguistlist.org/) to support the LINGUIST List so we can continue supporting you. We’re so grateful for all of our supporters over the last 28 years!

All the best,
–The LL Team

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